Last Thursday, February 4, 2016, we had a pleasure to co-host Jake Ferrato of @JBFCustoms for an interview with @bespokeandfor. His dedication to the craft is #incomparable. From painting kicks, to deconstructing and reconstructing, he had always challenged himself to do more, and to have fun. He loves his work so much, as much as we all shoe-nerds do, and you can see him working 12 hours on shoes. Custom sneakers can be ordered via his website. Take-away from his talk? is to Work hard, keep on making your (awesome) art, and people will follow/find you. Make sure to use your social media and grab the world's hearts.

BKSS will have this hard-working sweet shoemaker in the house for about a month, while he apprentices with @yuji_nyc on handwelting a Norwegian welt (Goiser welt) which he calls the spin stitch. AND! even better, he will be teaching a sneaker making workshop, based off of his style of kicks.