We had such a fun evening with Dominic of The Shoe Surgeon- honest, humble and hardworking and uber talented shoemaker from LA. After the event, a late-night setup for the pop-up shop started, and boom, the BKSS space transformed into The Shoe Surgeon's world. So great to see the space turn into something else. Monday - Friday August 1 - 5, Dominic taught eight students his knowledge on how to deconstruct and reconstruct the shoes. Everyone's shoes were pretty advanced for a first-time maker. So many pieces... First time stitching... Many obstacles, but they did it! Dedication!! Some came early mornings, some stayed late nights. During the class, Jeff Staples of the Reed Space and DJ Clark Kent came by to inspire the aspiring sneaker customizers/makers. A great crew of shoemakers! Their journey just started. --Summer 2016. 

Dominic's journey continues, and he will be hosting L.A. Classes, so stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of: Oscar Alejandror & Mathieu Crisofor

Video courtesy of: & @bespokeandfor

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