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The crew of BKSS will travel to DTLA in August 2018🌴! @ COMUNITY (Located at 584 Mateo Street, Arts District, DTLA), with help from WILLIE’S SHOE SERVICE. WE JUST ADDED THE INTRO CLASS SEPARATE AS WELL AS THE MULE MAKING EVENING CLASSES!!

Offering 6-day intensive shoemaking, open to beginners and intermediate students.

* Repeating students get a discount. email hello@ for a code!


A 6-day intensive workshop making shoes, boots, or sneakers of your own design! This will be a cemented shoe construction class, and anyone: beginners to second-timers, to advanced students can take the course. For those who cannot take 6 days off work, we created a weeknight and weekend class going over the same program as well. We hope you can join us!

For 6-days straight classes:

First day starts at 10am, with an INTRO TO SHOEMAKING session.

Details of class:

In the first class: You will learn about lasts, how to measure your feet, how to draw your designs. The afternoon of the first day, or, the second class, you will make patterns of your designs by taping up the last, drawing on the last and creating paper patterns. Then second day, you will cut your leathers from your pattern, prepare to sew, and start stitching, using a high-post sewing machine. Even a first-time-sewer will learn how to use the machines, do not worry! Third day you will finish stitching the uppers. Fourth day, you will start lasting your uppers. First the lining, then the uppers, in between you will put toe puffs and heel counters. Fifth day, you will sole your shoes. It can be a pre-made sole unit, or you can stack your own. If you are finished on the fifth day, great! You can start a new project on the 6th day! But, for those who will take your time, you will finesse your shoes on the sixth day, finishing the edges of your soles, or just final touches.

Materials included in this six day course are: Midsoles, Shanks, Toe Puffs, Heel counters. Upper and lining leathers available in the studio are also included for your pair, as well as variety of insole and outsole materials.

We will send you on a material shopping trip. Materials purchased on the trip will be the student's responsibility. Any materials that we don't have at the space, the student will have to purchase themselves.

FOR THE MULE CLASS: In this two evening course, you will modify an existing pattern, trace and cut material, last the upper, prep the outsoles, and sole the mules.

It's an intensive, but fun evening workshop to get your hands working on an easy pair!


FOR BOTH CLASSES, YOU WILL GO HOME WITH A TOOL KIT WORTH $200+ at retail, plus the shoe lasts you used might be available for sale.

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6-day intensive workshop:


TIMES: 10am - 5/6pm

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Tool kit, Materials and totebag

You can make shoes, boots, or sneakers of your own design! This will be a cemented shoe construction class, and is aimed for beginners and or repeat students.

As this is a traveling class, we will be jumping right into patternmaking from DAY 1 after a crash course on the importance of lasts, and how to measure your feet. Then, you will draw on your last to see your designs in 3D, then create a paper pattern of your designs. Second day, you will cut your materials, and prep and sew your uppers. Third day, you will keep sewing, then make midsoles, finish sewing, and start lasting. Fourth day, you will finish lasting. Fifth day, you will sole your shoes. And one extra day to give yourself more time. A full 48 hour week!

You will go home with a tool kit that includes patternmaking tools, and basic shoemaking tools, such as shoemakers tape, and lasting pincers and French hammers. With this kit, you will be able to go home and start making shoes!

BKSS will bring Upper and lining leathers but variety and supplies are limited compared to our home-base in Brooklyn. We will bring insole and outsole materials. Once you sign up, you will be asked which shoe size you will like to make, and what style shoe, so that we can find the right last for your shoes, and determine what type of outsoles to bring with us.

Depending on the class consensus, we will either go on, or send you on a material shopping trip to the shoe supply store or the leather store. Materials purchased on the trip will be the student's responsibility. All materials are included in this class, excluding hardware and special leathers that you'd like to purchase at the store that is specific to your designs.

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU ALL! and share with us your shoe-love stories!



DATES: 8/19/2018

TIMES: 10am - 5/6pm

Theory + measuring feet, getting to know the phases of the shoemaking.


2-evening Mule making:

DATES: Monday, 8/20 + Tuesday 8/21

TIMES: 6:30pm - 9:30/10pm

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Tool kit and materials, and tote bags. And an option to purchase left over materials after class. Lasts for this class will be available to use for class, but not available for purchase.


Please tell us your shoe size, preference of heel height, and communicate with us via email so we can bring the last that fits you the best.