Welcome to Brooklyn Shoe Space. We’ve got the right plan for you to get in the studio and join the shoemaker and leather worker community in Brooklyn!


Pick A Plan

We are a membership-based co-working space. These plans are a great way to have access to our studio facilities to work on independent projects or finish up projects started in our awesome classes.

Studio Pass: Hourly
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Studio Pass: Daily
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Studio Pass: Weekender
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Studio Pass: Weeknights + Weekender
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Studio Pass: Weeknights + Weekender
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Head’s Up!

Before you purchase a membership online, please make sure you have read and are ready to sign the membership agreement and waiver. Then make an appointment for which days you wish to come in, so we can make sure a monthly member is there to assist you.


Monthly Membership

Monthly Member
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Finding yourself at BKSS all the time or are you new to Brooklyn Shoe Space and looking for some studio space? Becoming a member is great idea! All it takes is a little commitment. Includes:

  • Members Only Welcome Kit

  • Members Only Area

  • Member Only Events - past events have included Heel Making, and Last Making

  • 10% Discount OFF Classes and discounts to special classes

  • Storage Space

  • And more perks!

Contact us to hear more >


Why Join?

Brooklyn Shoe Space is a perfect place to meet like-minded people and to keep yourself motivate and connected while you create. Our studio space has all the machines and materials you need to get you going on those new pair of shoes, and/or bags and other leather goods!




What’s Included

You will have access to our general use space, tools and materials, machines and equipment and our growing library.



  • Nails

  • Lasting Pincers

  • Shoemaker’s Hammer

  • Scissors

  • Masking Tape

  • Pattern Paper

  • Patternmaking Tools

  • Glue

  • Thread

  • Dye



  • High post machines

  • Flat bed machine

  • Patcher

  • Side wall stitcher

  • Cylinder arm machine

  • Skiving machine

  • Five-In-One

  • Grinder

  • Finishers

  • Dust collector

  • Gluing station with ventilation

  • Drill press

  • One ton arbor press

  • Sole press

  • Lasting poles

  • Band saw

  • Toaster oven

  • Heat Press

  • Heat gun

  • Dremels

  • Heat Stamper


Studio Rental

You can rent out our whole space in the heart of Williamsburg. Or book just the retail store for trunk shows, pop-up shops and special events. For more info, hit us up.