This two-day workshop (or a Four evening workshop) is taught by Aaron Osborn, co-founder of the brand Osborn Shoes and in general, a fun guy :)

Learn how to make a pair of simple and beautiful flats, using our Osborn shoe last, patterns and leather outsoles. You will leave class with a finished pair of flats for you to wear proudly around - you made them!

Beginners are welcome!!

Upon purchase/registration, we will contact you prior to class to finalize some info (like your shoe size). We have lasts for women only. Workshops are about 5-6 hours in length each day.

Students trace the patterns, cut the uppers, sew them by hand, and assemble the uppers. Lasting will be assisted by Aaron.

*If you have your own leather color you'd like to use - you are allowed to bring that to class to use instead of what we have in stock*


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