Children's Footwear: Design. Sketch. Learn about footwear on a mass scale.

Learn about children's footwear by the industry's leading expert. For the majority of the class, you will experience designing, sketching children's footwear and being comfortable with drawing on your own. Learn about outsoles, lasts, and the importance of safety and comfort for children's footwear. We will also be covering the ins and outs of the mass production of footwear and what the process entails including regulations and guidelines for children's footwear. In addition we will spend a portion of the class covering the technical aspects of footwear and what it means to CAD and DETAIL.


The teacher Christine Pham is the lead designer of footwear for the children's brand Oshkosh B'gosh. Starting with a career with a double major in Economics and French, she pursued her dreams of becoming a footwear designer starting as an intern in NYC at a footwear company with little to no knowledge in the field. She built her knowledge and foundation over time and now has built a career as a lead designer for a major children's brand.

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