3D Model your heels

In this two-day course, instructor Curtis Schmitt will take students through the 3d modeling process to create the base heel. First day, will mostly be on how to use this program, and get used to the shortcuts and the capabilities. Second day, after some time on your own to play around, once your heel has been modeled, each student can then divert off into executing their design ideas utilizing additive and/or subtractive techniques being careful to avoid changing the necessary interfaces for the component to actually work. At the end of class, we will also go through how to send the file to the 3D printers like Shapeways, and learn about terminology and requirements from the printer's website.


Each student will need to bring their own laptop (Mac) with their own copy of Rhino installed (trials are good for up to 30 days so if you are going to be using a trial version, we suggest that they don't install it until within at most two weeks of the class).

Instructor will be demonstrating on a 27" iMac. 



Instructor: Curtis Schmitt has been obsessed with all things 3d from a very young age, through architecture school, and to this day in his professional life. After working as the principal 3d modeling and 3d rendering architect for several firms, he decided to focus exclusively on 3d modeling, 3d rendering, 3d animation and 3d printing when he started and managed (for 6+ years) the CGI and 3d Printing departments at a prominent Manhattan photo studio and post-production facility. He resigned that position in 2015 to freelance instead, allowing him more opportunities to travel and the freedom to work with a select group of his favorite clients. His 3d printing design work has been commissioned by several high-end brands including Chanel, and his pieces have been featured and sold at the Cooper Hewitt Museum Shop, among others. 


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