DAY 1 & 2


Handwelted shoemaking class with Marcell. You will bring your uppers pre-made, or use Marcell's premade uppers and you will start learning from Midsole making. 2 weekends in a row. 4-days + a few weeknights in between if deemed necessary (night dates are discussed among the group).

Marcell Mrsan is an accredited master shoemaker hailing from Hungary. His bespoke shoes are highly coveted, having a waitlist of more than one year.

He worked as a footwear teacher in his Hungarian workshop then a footwear design professor for 7 years in a US college. He is consulting with higher education institutes, helping their work and teaches classes all over the country. He has sent many students to successful footwear brands both in fashion and in the athletic footwear field with a fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience of how to make beautifully crafted shoes. He offers online video courses as well as private classes in his Savannah Cordwainers shop. 

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