SPECIAL Sneaker Class this November:
In Collaboration with AGLIT ITALY we will be offering a special 5-day Sneaker Intensive, that will include designing and making a custom pair of luxury laces to match your Sneaker Design. :)You can also sign up to take the LUXURY LACES WORKSHOP only.

Come meet Star of AGLIT ITALY, a luxury footwear accessory brand specializing in shoelaces. Our Studio Favorites by AGLIT are his Distressed Denim laces, Python Fat Laces and Shearling Laces to name a few!

LUXURY LACES WORKSHOP: In this workshop, he will teach you how to make your own laces and bridge the gap between streetwear and high fashion, giving you the skills to break away from mass-produced merchandise and to enhance any kind of footwear. This workshop is open to shoemakers, designers, members, and past students. Premium Aglits included! Please bring your own Lace Material or there will be some material available for purchase at the studio!