6-Day Intensive Shoe/Boot/Sneaker Making Workshop
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A 6-day intensive workshop making shoes, boots, or sneakers of your own design! This will be a cemented shoe construction class, and is aimed for beginners.  For those who cannot take 6 days off work, we created a weeknight and weekend class going over the same program as well. We hope you can join us! 

For 6-days straight classes:

First day starts at 10am, with an INTRO TO SHOEMAKING session. 


You will take Intro#001 on a weeknight, and a patternmaking class on a weeknight or weekend. Then you come to the weekend classes. On the pull-down menu, you will see a WEEKNIGHT & WEEKEND course. Please check all the dates and we hope you can make them to all.

In the first class: You will learn about lasts, how to measure your feet, how to draw your designs. The afternoon of the first day, or, the second class, you will make patterns of your designs. Then second day to the sixth-day, you will sew your uppers, last, sole, and make shoes of your own design. 

Materials included in this six day course are: Midsoles, Shanks, Toe Puffs, Heel counters. Upper and lining leathers available in the studio are also included for your pair, as well as variety of insole and outsole materials. 

Depending on the class consensus, we will either go on, or send you on a material shopping trip. Materials purchased on the trip will be the student's responsibility. Any materials that we don't have at the space, the student will have to purchase themselves.

Oh! And we shouldn't forget to tell you...

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a 1-day pass to use within 1 month after your course to come back again.

Come and make at BKSS!

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